Carolina Maki Kitagawa’s work engages performance to activate sculptures with modified perceptions of time and mobility, nimbly threading reality with chicanery to make sense of nonsense. Objects and figures dig up dead history and rearrange the dogmatic traditions of display to revive stories with new platforms, doubts, questions, and a little less racism. Utilizing calculated calamity and serendipitous wonderment Kitagawa skews the accepted governance of institutional systems, seeking new discoveries in the rearrangement of visual markers, relics, and sculpture constructions.

Carolina Maki Kitagawa (American b. 1982) works across performance, sculpture, video, and mixed media to investigate visual markers of display and storytelling. Fluent in Spanish and half-fluent in Japanese, her practice and thinking are informed by language play and the process of translation. Kitagawa works in Los Angeles and Mexico; she is motivated by the varied interpretations of history between these locations, researching punctuations to the sameness of taught narratives. Kitagawa’s work has been supported through a grant from The Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry at the University of Arizona (2016) and residencies at Anderson Ranch Art Center and Ox Bow School of Art (both in 2018).

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