2021 Update

Happy New Year. 

Artillery Magazine Review: CAROLINA MAKI KITAGAWA Exploring the Space Between Surveillance and Privacy by Yxta Maya Murray

When we withdraw from other people out of choice, we call the result privacy. When someone forces us into seclusion, it’s kidnapping. The artist Carolina Maki Kitagawa’s new show at Eastside International Los Angeles, “Story’s End No. 1 // Continúa El Cuento Nº. 1” plays with the blurry border between these two truisms. In Eastside’s spare, idea-filled space in DTLA, Kitagawa interacts with her sculptures, paintings, and video in ways that telegraph the confusions of living in a surveillance society whose economy is driven in part by walls and human capture. In Homage to Harry Gamboa Jr., Kitagawa constructs a collage out of a photograph that seems to be of a person (Gamboa?) wearing a crown and standing next to a palm tree: A viewer can’t see the image, though, because it’s shielded by a block of blue wood. The work is also affixed with a security camera that .... more

Stimulus: Space, Place, and Body hosted by McColl Center for Art + Innovation


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